beyond my window

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My morning in haiku

Frizzy haired cheese-ball
wearing coffee addiction
on my ink stained sleeve


My tummy rumbles
snack to sustain energy
Lunch at 12:40


Thin Skinned Harry


Harry’s skin
is so terribly thin

you can see where he’s going
and where he’s just been.

One look at Harry
it’s hard not to grin.

His insides are out
and his outsides are in.

Oh, the places I’ll go

(Written in honor of the late great Theodor Seuss Geisel)

Illustration by Dr. Seuss

One fish. Two fish.
If I could have any wish:

I’d fly to the moon
in a pastel balloon

while dining on knish.

I’d bring Thing 1 & Thing 2,
we’d sail off in a striped canoe,

I’d tip my tall hat,
lick my fur like a cat,

paint outerspace red and blue.

If I bumped into Dr. Seuss
I’d toast to him with grape juice,

and we’d probably share green eggs and ham,
cause that’s the kind of fan I am!

Theodor Seuss Geisel was born 107 years ago today. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss.

Save yourself

She waited for her
man in tights,
toes dangling from
the ledge

spent her share of
sleepless nights, ’til
she walked
right over the edge.

Nobody swooped in
to save her.
No hero to
soften the blow.

No happily
ever after. Just
a tragic end to
a one-woman show.