Red my mind

by Aleza Freeman

Smash. Bang. Boom. An unseen force guiding a tightened fist through drywall, the color red onomatopoeically bursts to the forefront, the culmination of heat and passion.

A seductive color, she dabbles on the edge of rage and desire. She is feminine and bold, with a visceral grip.

She burns in the pit of your stomach when you’re face to face with injustice.

She spreads like a seductive fire across an unsuspecting landscape, and ravages the lush foliage with confidence and control, emitting her fresh perfume: smoldering embers and blossoming flowers.

There’s a deep eroticism to red not found in other colors. Both beautiful and terrifying in her lusty lack of innocence and naivety, red may even emerge when one is embarrassed, but she never feels any shame.