Stanley & the spinning wheel of doom

by Aleza Freeman

This is what happens when AzFree plays with paint.NET

My college roommate had a snake,
Stanley was his name,
when my hamster had a stroke —
Stanley was to blame.

He stared at Priscilla all day and night
as he slithered in his cage to and fro
his beady little snake eyes
followed everywhere she’d go.

Priscilla slept and drank and ran,
Stanley stared and stared
Priscilla nibbled on hamster food
Stanley glared and glared.

It’s true, snakes have no eyelids
so Stanley couldn’t blink,
but Priscilla still felt ogled,
at least that’s what I think.

Each day she ran in circles
– so quickly she would zoom –
little I knew she was running on
a spinning wheel of doom.

I found her one day cold and limp
still on her wheel, still in mid-run
Stanley laid coiled in his hiding spot
Ssssssatisfied — his mission was done.