Learning to fly

by Aleza Freeman

Evan shows off his toes,
cooing “Weee, weee, weeeee,”
and his button nose with a

When a plane flies by
he points to the sky
and loudly says “Yeah!”
Only 18 months, and he already
dreams of reaching for the stars.

Mommy points to the fish,
he answers “ish.”
Daddy puts on The Beatles,
he sings, “luhv, luhv, luhv.”

Where’s Evan’s belly?” ask mom and dad,
and Evan quickly lifts his shirt.
Where’s Evan’s hair?
He proudly raises his
tiny hand to his golden curls.
A dimple forms on his grinning face.

Then mom decides to mix it up,
as she asks, “Where’s daddy’s hair?”

This one’s a trick question.
Daddy has no hair.

There’s a gleam in Evan’s eye
as he searches his small,
but growing vocabulary.

He touches daddy’s smooth,
round head with his
outspread hand, and
clear as day, declares “Ball!”