beyond my window

poems, rhymes & words


A 13-foot boa constrictor
is preying on my brain,

a nocturnal emotion conflictor
(he’s conflicting me insane).

A suffocating sentence of
solitary repentance,

there’s way too much to shed,
(and yet it’s only in my head).

A Postcard Home

What if the fence weren’t painted white

What if vows were  broken

What if friendship didn’t exist

and our feelings went unspoken

What if we had never met

What if this postcard went unsent

Time Punching

If I could grab time
around the neck,
I’d choke her nearly breathless
like a jealous sibling,
I’d push her head underwater
and hold her there indefinitely,
shake her silly and
punch her in the face.

Forgive me for wanting
to beat the clock.
It’s not that I’m a violent person,
I just can’t seem to get ahead
of the game.

Time probably wouldn’t even stop.
She’d just go on taunting:
“Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc.”

My morning in haiku

Frizzy haired cheese-ball
wearing coffee addiction
on my ink stained sleeve


My tummy rumbles
snack to sustain energy
Lunch at 12:40

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